Cities and Communities

  • Cities and Communities

  • Nearly half the population currently lives in an urban environment, thus fostering new issues for cities and communities as well as numerous opportunities for the private sector.
    Housing, ecology, pollution, air and water quality are among the many challenges that make the implementation of innovative solutions essential.

  • Cities and Communities

    Cities and Communities

    The main action and investment frameworks for implementing the Sustainability and Low-carbon Economy Goals.

    Join the network of cities and communities that are taking part in World Efficiency Solutions to highlight your projects, showcase your products and services and find new partners.


  • Some topics

    Stimulate and promote attractiveness of your region

    Highlight your urban and rural planning projects and promote your local innovators.

    Purchase low-carbon and resource-efficient solutions

    Discover tomorrow's pioneer solutions for sustainable and greener cities and communities.

    Partenaires et investisseurs

    Find the right industry and financial partners

    Showcase your projects to ventures and stakeholders to find the right fundings and solutions for them.
  • Some solutions

    Hydraulic renovations in Cundinamarca

    The Regional Autonomous Corporation of Cundinamarca is working towards the consolidation of a viable, prosperous, inclusive, equitable and sustainable regional model through a responsible environmental culture.
    Find out more about CAR [+]

    Green Climate Cities Program

    ICLEI's GCC Program supports local communities that are on the front lines addressing the challenges and opportunities of urban growth, exploring their green economy and green infrastructure, and pursuing a low-emission development trajectory.
    Find out more about ICLEI and the GCC[+]

    Intelligent Transport Systems in Paris Region

    Paris Region is home to all the leading players in Intelligent Transport Systems, with a particularly impressive number of start-ups and SMEs.
    Learn more about Paris Region Entreprises [+]

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