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ENABLING OUR CHILDREN TO LIVE IN A HEALTHIER ENVIRONMENT Climate change, energy crisis are all these hot topics discussing critically in the recent years. With full aspiration and understanding, LEVIDAC promises to give the best solutions to solve our global problems, to raise our children living a better life, a healthier environment. Since 2008, LEVIDAC has realized these problems and start its R&D for a turnkey Pack Eco-Responsible (PER). This PER system which helps producing, storing, and distributing of clean energy equipped with a micro-turbine can supply the EV charging station powered by green energy by off grid approach. LEVIDAC Air Compressor Micro-Turbine, a revolutionary microturbine with unequalled performance, powered by air compressed, able to operate like autonomous generator and Range Extender functions as a high-yield electric generator for Automotive applications. LEVIDAC Wind Turbine (LEV iWinturb), an innovative solution in the realm of renewable energy. Offering high yield levels, this quiet and visually discreet solution is especially well suited to urban zones. Unlike conventional wind turbines, this vertical systems capture all the horizontal, vertical and transverse turbulence. LEV iWinturb is designed to withstand cyclonic conditions, the safety system kicks in at 150kph. When connected to the Levidac PER, LEV iWinturb can be coupled to several energy production sources (photovoltaic panels, fuel cells, micro-turbines, bio gas, etc.). The smart automation system optimizes the management of the energy, which can be redistributed locally or to the mains network Thanks to its Air Compressor Micro-Turbine, LEVIDAC eBus BGS was successfully developed able to cover up to 800 km in complete autonomy with 0g of CO2 / km, NOX and CO in compliance with the future Euro 8 standard Levidac revolutionizes urban and extra-urban public transport with its ultra-light Aliseo vehicle. Driverless, multimodal and completely clean. Aliseo provides an answer to all major problems of urban transportation with an investment cost 6 times lower than conventional tramway systems.

  1. Type of organisation / Profile
  2. Projects & Solutions / Themes
    Affordable and clean energy
    Green infrastructure and mobility
    Natural Resource Management
    Responsible production and consumption
    Sustainable cities and communities
  3. Main applications / Activity sectors
    Environment - Sustainable development
  1. Company size 11 to 20 employees

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