Achieving sustainability in an urbanising world: solutions and alternatives

    1. Event type
      Plenary session
    2. Event Theme
      Affordable and clean energy
      Green infrastructure and mobility
      Natural Resources Management
      Sustainable cities and communities
      Local development and decentralised action
      Technology and Innovation
    3. Event location Atlantic Plenary
    4. Limited seat number 200
    1. Presented by World Efficiency

Achieving sustainability in an urbanising world: solutions and alternatives

12 December 2017, 11:00 - 12:30

Paris Porte de Versailles

(Simultaneous English-French translation will be provided during the session)


Urbanisation is undisputable. In 2005, the global population became predominantly urban. In 2050 over 70% of all people will live in cities, producing 75% of the global GDP, consuming 75% of all energy and emitting 80% of global GHG emissions. Urban living places put a significant burden on the environment. The issues at stake in this urbanisation trajectory are huge: changing climate, scarcity of resources, exploding demographics, security, pollution, growing inequality, etc.

While faced with such realities, the session aims at addressing them with reasonable pragmatic options and solutions for cities to efficiently manage density issues, preserve biodiversity and environment, address nuisances…while still offering prosperity. The session will also take a look at how cities need to be fed with water, power, and food, and so require the complex infrastructures that make this possible, while ensuring that all this is done in a sustainable manner. The session will also be the occasion to question the inherent relation between cities and rural areas, the detrimental effects of urban sprawl, and how to control or reverse it, and at the end of the day, how cities get functional to welcome a diverse urban population that aspire to live, move, work, consume, produce, and enjoy a better, prosperous, future.


  • Faucheux Franck


    Ministry of Territory Cohesion, Vivapolis Network (France)

  • Touati Julien


    Corporate development director


  • de Bonnechose Bénédicte



    La Filière Béton (Concrete Industry)

  • Azocar Nicolas


    Mayor of Renca (Chile)

  • Nicolas Imbert


    Executive director

    Green Cross France

    President, Learning Centre, City of Dunkirk

  • Petrella Laura


    Leader, City Planning, Extension and Design Unit, Urban Planning & Design Branch

    UN Habitat

  • Sudarskis Michel


    Secretary general

    International Urban Development Association

  • Clerc Valérie




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