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  • Cities and Communities

  • Nearly half the population currently lives in an urban environment, thus fostering new issues for cities and communities as well as numerous opportunities for the private sector.
    Housing, ecology, pollution, air and water quality are among the many challenges that make the implementation of innovative solutions essential.

    Join the network of cities and communities that are taking part in World Efficiency Solutions to highlight your projects, showcase your products and services and find new partners.

  • Belo Horizonte: the city committed towards sustainable mobility

    As part of its partnership with ICLEI, the city of Belo Horizonte is getting involved at World Efficiency Solutions in city-business workshops on mobility.

    Discover the testimony of Diego Assunção, Project Management Analyst at BHTRANS (Empresa de Transportes e Trânsito de Belo Horizonte).

    Chile & the EPR (Extended Producer Responsibility) policy

    The mayors of Chile will participate in WE2017 to present the EPR policy, which has recently come into force in the country.

    The goal of this legislation? To coerce corporations to take charge of the reclaiming and recycling of their products when they have reached the end of their life cycle.

  • The C40 Cities & Reinventing Cities
    partners of World Efficiency Solutions

    The Reinventing Cities initiative was founded through the framework of the Paris Agreement at COP21 in 2015. Reinventing Cities is a pledge for the international community to create projects aimed at selecting urban sites with high regeneration potential and a positive environmental and social impact.
    Reinventing Cities is the reunion 10-15 international cities and 40+ urban sites planned for regeneration projects!
    The C40 and WE is a plenary session, a presentation of urban projects by representatives of cities, workshops as well as online and real-life matchmaking opportunities.

    Join them!

  • Some projects and solutions

    The new active, electric and digital mobility

    The call for innovative projects, launched by STIF and the Société du Grand Paris, has found its 6 winners! These projects advocate the logic of intermodality - an integrated approach to transport systems -, develop alternative means of transportation in close proximity to railway stations, and acknowledge the needs of Paris region habitants with regards to urban mobility.
    More information on La Société du Grand Paris [+]

    Have their initiatives inspired you? Find this partner on our WE Connect platform.

    The 3rd industrial revolution in Luxembourg

    To cope with the ever-growing economic, social and environmental challenges, new local initiatives are emerging and multiplying in Luxembourg. These initiatives illustrate promising sustainable solutions adapted specifically for the Grand Duchy.
    For more information on the 3rd industrial revolution [+]

    For more information, visit the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and its business Pavilion at WE Paris

    Hydraulic renovations in Cundinamarca

    The Regional Autonomous Corporation of Cundinamarca is working towards the consolidation of a viable, prosperous, inclusive, equitable and sustainable regional model through a responsible environmental culture.
    Find out more about CAR [+]

    Discover the development and infrastructure projects of Cundinamarca at WE 2017

  • Intelligent Transport Systems in Paris Region

    Paris Region is home to all the leading players in Intelligent Transport Systems, with a particularly impressive number of start-ups and SMEs.
    Learn more about Paris Region Entreprises [+]

    We welcome international start-ups to join the Paris Region Enterprises Pavilion at WE 2017

    Green Climate Cities Program

    ICLEI's GCC Program supports local communities that are on the front lines addressing the challenges and opportunities of urban growth, exploring their green economy and green infrastructure, and pursuing a low-emission development trajectory.
    Find out more about ICLEI and the GCC[+]

    Our partner ICLEI is now registered on WE Connect. Join us as well and learn more about their project!

  • Our WE Connect network is full of projects and innovative solutions for cities and communities, join us to access it all!

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