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    The benefits of ETV for eco-innovation

    22 August 2017

    At present, a company that launches an innovative environmental solution may find it difficult to find buyers because its technology lacks references. At the same time, a buyer who is about to invest in an innovative solution that is particularly adapted to his or her own needs does not want to run a risk when buying. The ETV (Environmental Technology Verification) system helps to address this dual problem.

    The ETV programme consists of a third-party verification of the performance of an innovative environmental technology. It provides credible and reliable performance data, reduces the risk to funders, facilitates market access (domestic and international) and fosters innovation.

    To date, very few French eco-companies have adopted ETV, compared to those of countries like the United States, South Korea or the Philippines. They include Ethera and Blue Industry & Science (air monitoring and treatment), Base (energy) and Futuramat (materials, waste, and resources). A company can choose to do verify several solutions, as long as they are innovative.

    The other technological sectors covered by the ETV are 'water monitoring and treatment', 'soil and groundwater monitoring / rehabilitation of polluted soils', 'environmental technologies for agriculture', 'virtuous industrial processes' and an 'other' category.

    Find out more at www.verification-etv.fr

    Written Hélène Bouillon-Duparc

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