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    Crowdfunding and green growth: it's happening!

    18 sept. 2017

    Participatory financing tends to develop in the fields of energy transition and green economic growth.

    Some platforms are already specialised, such as Enerfip, Lendosphere and Lumo (renewable energy), Inidev (smart city) or Blue Bees (agriculture, agroecology and responsible nutrition). It is important to note that participatory financing can be in the form of a grant, loan, capital investment or royalties.

    According to the survey, carried out by GreenUnivers and the French Participatory Financing Association – an association that brings together professionals from crowdfunding -, thirteen platforms managed the financing of renewable energy projects. In this field, the total amount collected in 2016 was € 11.5 million for 66 projects. Out of these projects, 53 % were in solar PV and nearly 41% in wind, with the remaining divided between innovation, hydroelectricity and biomass.

    Other currently operating platforms include Collecticity (public projects), Tudigo, ex Bulb in Town (towns & neighborhood), Feedelios, Lendopolis, Wedogood, Wiseed, Zeste and, since 2017, Akuocoop.

    Via Hélène Bouillon-Duparc

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