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    4 sept. 2017

    While France, like many other countries in Europe and around the world, is currently facing a significant occurrence of drought, it has become increasingly clear that the existing ad hoc measures of water restriction can no longer suffice. “The policy of water management must also take into account the long-term changes in order to sustainably preserve the natural resources”. Based on this common understanding, on the 9th of August French Ministers of Ecological and Solidarity Transition and Agriculture presented several courses of action for quantitative water management.

    The common goal of Nicolas Hulot and Stéphane Travert is, on the one hand, to encourage the moderation of the consumption and to regulate the resource upstream through innovation and, on the other hand, to materialize the solutions adapted to local needs and circumstances throughout all territories. Startups specializing in monitoring and smart management of networks that allow to limit the consumption, reduce the leakage* or optimize the recycling can position themselves in various different areas. This includes fields such as industrial water efficiency via flow mapping solutions or advanced connectivity tools (AquaWay, BWT), water-saving processes for everyday applications (Smart&Blue), tourism (Eng´In Technologies), reuse of treated wastewater (Ecofilae, GreenCityzen) and even the artificial recharge of groundwater.

    *In France, the control of the water leakage in the network represents a considerable challenge as at least 20% is lost throughout distribution each year, meaning nearly one billion cubic meters per year..

    Par Hélène Bouillon-Duparc