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    4 Sept. 2017

    A significant and rapid development is transpiring across the energy sector due to numerous technological innovations and new economic, political, social and policies: the renewables are experiencing a tremendous growth, grids are becoming “smarter”, etc. However, the support for innovative solutions, in terms of energy consumption, has been inexplicably less pronounced, considering that consumption is one of the major challenges of the ongoing transition. In the view of these observations, five emerging providers of complementary activities* convened last July in creating an association dedicated to this matter. The association, LUCIOLE – The Union for Intelligent and Optimised Energy Consumption, aims to raise awareness among the consumers and public authorities about the innovation opportunities in the energy sector and the new practices of energy consumption. The main objective is to ultimately transition from a user of a public service to a consumer capable of making choices, in other words making the consumer a conscious participant.

    LUICOLE is based on four major principles: promoting the innovation and research, developing a strong link with consumers of the energy, stimulating the introduction and promotion of new economic models and contributing to achieving intelligent and optimised energy consumption.

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    *Deepki: operation of data; Effy: energy efficiency consultancy ; Eqinov: aggregator of flexibility and erasure ; Opera Energie: energy broker ; Qarnot Computing: heat recovery and smart buildings.

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