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Load management: enabling large-scale sensible energy consumption

October 2nd 2017

Balancing power consumption, energy efficiency, heat revalorisation, renewable thermic energy development: the industry is boasting highly positive results superior to that of other sectors (such as building or transportation), as was pointed out last week by ADEME, the French Agency for Energy Management, during its colloquium on Energy and Industry. Another solution has recently been gaining momentum: the implementation of energy demand management, or load management patterns balancing offer/demand dynamics for the energy grids, specifically during peak usage times and due to the variability of renewable energy production.

Thanks to the liberalisation in France of the energy market, new opportunities have arisen and new actors are occupying centre-stage, starting with energy providers themselves. However the sector has also enabled a number of start-ups to develop with pure play strategies. Such is the case of Actility, BHC Energy, Ecometering, Enerdigit, Energypool, Eqinov, Hydronet, Metron, Smart Grid Energy and Valoris Energie.

According to RTE (French Electricity Transmission Network), energy demand management that are part of the 2016 global call for tenders ought to save up to 2.5 GW during the winter of 2017, which was classified under increased vigilance in terms of energy production and transmission security. In the industrial sector alone, the potential for energy demand management if still far from being fully harnessed. The future is wide open for new players to join the game.