News - Global Investement Plan

A master plan to change the course of France

October 2nd 2017

The global investment plan that was presented on 25 September by the French government has 4 main goals: to accelerate the ecological transition, to build a skillful society, to reinforce national innovation competitiveness and to promote institutional digitalization.

The first axis, "Accelerating the ecological transition", was granted €20 billion, including 9 for the building industry (mostly thermic renovation), 4 for transports and 7 for renewable energies and environmental innovation. This stems from the assessment that a true decarbonization turn is long overdue.

Axis 3, "Reinforcing national innovation competitiveness", was allocated €13 billion, including 8.1 to make France a growing and creative economy, and 5 to stimulate the transformation of agricultural and agri-food sectors.

This new master plan represents a total of €57 billion in investment over the current five-years term, 12 in redeployment , 24 in new budget measures and 10 in financing for the PIA3 (Investment Programme for the Future), which until now had not been allocated funds.

To learn more, see the full govermental report (in French).