News - Global Cleantech 100

Startups in all sectors of the ecological transition

22 August 2017

Although energy efficiency and alternative energy production are strongly represented in the activities of eco-startups, they cover many other sectors of the ecological transition. One example is the Global Cleantech 100 ranking established by the Cleantech Group with i3.

A global cleantech innovation barometer, the Global Cleantech 100 covers ten sectors: energy efficiency, smart grids & energy storage, clean energy production, advanced materials, biotechnology for industry, waste & recycling, water & sewage, transport, agriculture & food, and finally emissions.

The seven French companies selected this year provide a good illustration of this diversity. They include:
● Actility (a platform for connected objects based on LoRa low-bandwidth technology);
● SigFox (low-flow and long-distance IoT networks);
● Aledia (power LEDs capable of improving light output while dividing by ten Lumen prices);
● Sunpartner Technologies (invisible components for multiple embedded or embedded applications);
● CosMo Company (modeling and simulation software to anticipate the behaviour and impacts of complex systems);
● Ynsect (using insects to develop biomass and produce bioactive components for green chemistry or LPNs);
● Adionics (desalination of water by salt extraction, which reduces energy consumption by a third and eliminates salt water discharges into the sea).

Written by Bouillon-Duparc