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    Cities & Communities Institutions Organisations SME Start-ups Technical advisors Multinational corporations Finance providers
  • 1 Promote regional attractiveness

    Enhance your urban and rural development projects and promote innovative players in your territory.
    2 Buy low-carbon & resource-efficient solutions

    Discover pioneering and innovative solutions for a sustainable city or a territory.
    3 Find new partners and investors

    Present your business projects and find funding solutions for your needs.
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  • 1 To raise public awareness

    Share your expertise to a wide audience to inspire ideas and encourage action for the green economy.
    2 Affirm commitments and promote their work

    Speak and share your work with an audience of policy makers and thought leaders!
    3 Collaborate with peers from other countries

    Identify and meet with peers from across the globe.
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  • 1 Support the development of their members

    Give your stakeholders the opportunity to create new alliances!
    2 Promote their projects

    Enhance the services offered to your members and highlight your achievements.
    3 Identify relevant contacts to defend interests of their trade.

    Contact policymakers and thought leaders to make your voice heard!
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  • 1 To test export markets

    Get personalized advice from our international jury of high-level public and private representatives.
    2 Develop their turnover

    Join the marketplace to meet participants managing concrete projects.
    3 Identify partners to capture a new market

    Get in touch with other WE participants and plan your business meetings at the event.
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  • 1 To present their innovations to the market

    Get personalised advice from our international jury of high-level public and private representatives
    2 Find funding

    Find private and/or private customers and investors.
    2 Identify the right contact in a city or a large group

    Quickly identify the right contacts on our platform, secure business meetings during the events and accelerate the development or your business.
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  • 1 To promote their business

    Present your business and expertise in the areas of consulting, research and strategies on areas relating to sustainable development and the environment.
    2 Share expertise

    Speak to showcase your skills and expertise to an audience of policy makers and thought leaders.
    3 Identify new opportunities with companies, cities and communities

    Detect business opportunities in your areas of expertise and get feedback on the specific needs of those participating.
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  • 1 Be positioned as a "Green Innovator"

    Promote your approach to open innovation and develop your project for your green transformation.
    2 Speak and interact with peers

    Take the stage, assert your leadership and share your expertise with the world leaders in the green economy.
    3 Identify new partners for green projects

    Conquer new markets by introducing your projects to start-ups, innovators and service providers from accross sectors.
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  • 1 Decarbonize their portfolio

    Put forth your approaches to responsive investment.
    2 Development of support systems for export

    Enhance your financing services and processes for business and communities.
    3 Find new businesses to invest in

    Meet the start-ups and SMEs showcasing their pioneering solutions for resource management, conservation and climate protection.

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