• Programme

  • Each day of La Galerie by WE is devoted to one of the following themes: decarbonisation, the implementation of climate projects and the efficient use of resources.

    The overarching goal is to support the companies proposing solutions to fight against climate change!

    • Development of public-private partnerships (PPPs) and partnerships for sustainable climate-related projects;
    • Meet the needs of each project by pooling the necessary funding and technology;
    • Convene an unprecedented meeting of senior government officials, the financiers and solution providers;
    • Fostering the broad-based collaboration of key players from governments, business, finance, academia, and civil society.

    • Exchange ideas on advancing national climate plans;
    • Find out how Germany has become a major player in the renewable energy sector;
    • Discuss the export and transfer of advanced technologies and know-how to emerging markets and developing countries;
    • Get inspired by the innovations presented by different solution providers (start-ups and multinationals).
  • The objective Focusing on energy and decarbonisation, World Climate Summit supports the solutions proposed by companies to combat climate change and allows large-scale collaboration between different sectors and industries.

    The format This day will take the form of high-level plenary sessions, speeches, workshops devoted to projects, pitch-ring projects for climate solutions, networking and development of partnerships with defined objectives, group sessions, private business meetings, exhibitions, and press conferences.

    Themes Decarbonisation, low-carbon solutions, renewable energies, environmental technologies, carbon markets, adaptation to climate change mitigation, and climate finance will be the themes discussed during the first day.
  • The objective For the climate investment day, the Climate Investment Platform will be launched, to encourage and obtain funding for climate projects.

    The format This second day will include presentations by various countries of their NDC action plans, company presentations of their technological and financial capacities to ensure the NDC plans, workshops of solutions, sessions on negotiations, and public plenary sessions.

    Themes Preparation and planning for NDCs, macroeconomic policies, creating a strong environment for investment, private sector programmes, investment channels, and climate projects.
  • The objective The Climate and Resource Effective Day will be the occasion for a large-scale meeting for the actors in the circular and low-carbon economies.

    The format This third and final day will be divided into plenary and secondary sessions, a digital partner development platform, a pitch-ring for start-ups, an innovation exhibition competition, a presentation of resource-efficient solutions, and accredited training programmes.

    Themes Responsible production and consumption, green infrastructure and mobility, sustainable cities and territories, natural resource management.

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