Food in a 2° world: rethinking food production and eating habits

    1. Event type
      Plenary session
    2. Event Theme
      Natural Resources Management
      Responsible production and consumption
      Sustainable cities and communities
      Local development and decentralised action
    3. Event location Pacific Plenary
    4. Limited seat number 200
    1. Presented by The Shift Project

Food in a 2° world: rethinking food production and eating habits

12 December 2017, 14:00 - 15:30

Paris Porte de Versailles


(Simultaneous English-French translation will be provided during the session)



From the field to the plate, food accounts for approximately 30% of our GHG (greenhouse gas) emissions. The breeding of ruminants and nitrogenous fertilization of cultures are the main sources of emissions for the producers. However, many downstream activities are also sources of GHG (transport, transformation, conservation…).



In Europe, the bovine livestock alone is responsible for approximately 7% of GHG emissions. Furthermore, around a third of the food produced for Europeans is not consumed but wasted. Hence, the transition to a low-carbon society implies a deep rethinking our eating habits: less animal products, more legumes, more fruits and vegetables, less processed products, reduced waste and a more efficient food waste management.



Achieving this challenging goal inevitably implies not only a massive change in consuming patters, but also a deep modification of production processes and a shift of the economic focus from quantity to quality. How can we succeed? How can cattle breeders be supported during this transition in order to ensure their fair remuneration? What is the future of the transformation and the distribution sectors? Can the meaning of “agriculture” evolve, from mainly a way to produce food, to a broader and more meaningful activity providing multiple benefits to society thanks to a carbon-friendly use of our soils?


  • Jancovici Jean-Marc


    President and co-founder

    The Shift Project

    A french engineer, he is the actual president and founder of The Shift Project. He is also the Co-founder of Carbone 4.

  • Thiery François


    Former president and farmer in crops and cattle

    French Organic Farming Agency

  • Apparu Benoist


    Mayor (Châlons-en-Champagne), founder of Planet A, former french minister of housing

    Châlons-en-Champagne City Hall

  • Barret Neil


    Group Vice-president for Sustainable Development


  • Celle Jérôme


    Director general


  • Berdugo Julia


    Founder & CEO

    GRYÖ (start-up)

  • Marcon Régis


    French starred Chef and President of the Bocuse d’Or international culinary contest

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