Mobility in a 2° world: what is the future in suburban areas?

    1. Event type
      Plenary session
    2. Event Theme
      Green infrastructure and mobility
      Sustainable cities and communities
      Local development and decentralised action
      Technology and Innovation
    3. Event location Atlantic Plenary
    4. Limited seat number 200
    1. Presented by The Shift Project

Mobility in a 2° world: what is the future in suburban areas?

14 December 2017, 10:00 - 11:30

Paris Porte de Versailles


(Simultaneous English-French translation will be provided during the session)


Cars have been placed at the centre of the suburban lifestyle in France (and elsewhere): without them, life in the suburbs would not be possible. Or so we are told... Can better alternatives to the private car be developed? Can suburban mobility become more inclusive and significantly reduce its carbon emissions?


These are the questions that a working group led by Francisco Luciano on behalf of The Shift Project set out to explore. He will present key outcomes of a comprehensive, argument-based study on the potential of low-carbon mobility alternatives in the suburbs: an extended cycling system, ride-sharing, rapid mass transit lines and other possibilities.


These results will then be discussed with major mobility stakeholders,  who will also discuss the future of private cars and other vehicles and the evolution of their characteristics in suburban areas.


  • Jancovici Jean-Marc


    President and co-founder

    The Shift Project

    A french engineer, he is the actual president and founder of The Shift Project. He is also the Co-founder of Carbone 4.

  • Farandou Jean-Pierre




  • Luciano Francisco


    Director of the suburban mobility working group

    The Shift Project

  • Bruschi Andrea


    Transport and Mobility Planner,

    Metropolitana Milanese (MMSpa - Italy)

  • Rey Floriane


    Director for communities

    WayzUp (start up, ride-sharing for commuters)

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